AmeriCorps College Forward

  • Austin, TX, USA

We level the playing field.

College Forward is an Austin-based nonprofit whose intensive, culturally-appropriate mentoring programs propel students from underserved backgrounds to collegiate success and remunerative careers.

With a goal of building and sharing effective solutions, we collaborate with respected practitioners to distill 'best practices' into highly-efficient program models, supported by a technology platform that drives student outcomes and yields critical data for longitudinal research.


Mission and Vision

Our Mission:  College Forward coaches underserved, motivated students to achieve the benefits of higher education and a college degree.
Our Vision: 
We will lead by building and sharing the most effective, most efficient, and most exciting college access and completion programs in the country by 2020.


Our History

Founded in 2003 in Austin, Texas as a college access program, College Forward matured along with its first class of 30 students, adding college completion services in 2005 and bilingual parent programming in 2006. Our early adoption of human-centered design principles and our unique focus on the student and family experiences fueled the development of innovative and highly-successful program models.

In 2014 we launched two new initiatives in pursuit of an audacious goal: to solve the problem by 2040. Success Partnerships is redefining the way post-secondary institutions and other education providers support student success. CoPilot, a student database that combines practitioner expertise with sophisticated design, is transforming and professionalizing the college completion industry.

Since our founding in 2003, College Forward has provided wrap-around, near-peer coaching services to over 13,000 students across the country. Our innovative technology solutions and best-in-class program curriculum have allowed us to reach an additional 300,000 students across 24 states nationwide.


Our Team

Each day, our intelligent, enthusiastic, and extraordinarily committed staff, shape and improve our programs. Students are our inspiration.


At College Forward, our team spends boundless energy on finding more ways to help deserving students, inspire great Coaches, forge smart partnerships, and creatively connect resources. Why? Because of our students. Every ounce we give flows back to us in the form of increased student confidence, self-awareness, and accomplishment.