Welch Equipment Company

Welch Equipment Company, Inc. We are the Rocky-Mountain leader in Material Handling Solutions. We are unique in that we offer complete warehousing solutions from Systems Design to Forklifts to Carousels and Mezzanines and all other types of equipment used in warehouses

We can design and optimize your new or existing warehouse - increasing your cubic usage and available SKU space.

Our forklifts are the most energy and gas efficient forklifts in the world. Raymond and Toyota industrial equipment are the main forklift brands we represent. Switching to these brands can use up to 22% less energy and fuel. Your batteries and fuel will last much longer!

We have readily available interactive online calculators that you can use to see how much our equipment will save you in space, energy, fuel, and labor.

Discover Welch Equipment and increase your warehousing productivity from the ground up. Our team gives free evaluations to show you what we can do!

Since our inception in 1985 we’ve come a long way—but the one thing that has remained the same is the never-ending commitment to our customers—for our customers, no matter their size, We Move Mountains! Whether you’ve been with us for years or just discovering what we’re about, Welch Equipment will always be available to provide your business with the most comprehensive material handling solutions. We understand that your business is about moving material, not worrying about the equipment that is moving material.

Welch Equipment is proud to represent the industries most respected manufacturers— Toyota Industrial Equipment, the industry’s #1 lift truck manufacturer, Raymond Corporation, UFI/Interlake Material Handling Solutions, Cubic Designs Mezzanines, Konstant Storage Products, Remstar International, ITC Manufacturing, and West Point Rack to name a few. Our reputation with these manufacturers allows our customers to take advantage of the latest industry improvements as well as the most competitive pricing—assuring your business the best possible bottom line.

We can provide solutions to all your material handling, storage and material process flow issues. Whether you require a custom designed engineered system or a comprehensive maintenance program for any of your material handling equipment, we invite you to partner with us as your one-stop-shop for all your material handling needs.