Aarrow Sign Spinners

We started AArrow Advertising out of a dorm room with just $500 so that we could create jobs for our friends and turn sign spinning into a global sport. Now we travel around the world helping other people start their own businesses.

Our passion for youth employment stems from our desire to create flexible economic opportunities, and since 2002 we have employed over 5000 young people as sign spinners. By creating a job specifically designed for young people, we are able to do our part in combatting high unemployment rates that often plague this demographic set while also providing valuable marketing, sales, and management train

Although we do some of our best work on the street corner, AArrow actually started as a student run business and flourished as a series of class projects at Georgetown University. Co-founders Max Durovic and Mike Kenny speak to students across the world about how to start their own business, and the benefits of doing so while pursuing a formal business education.

Our franchise network is comprised of entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds, many of whom have run or currently run other businesses as well. With centuries of combined acumen, we strive to share best practices both internally and externally, and to maintain relationships with other business owners and influencers around the world.