Baltimore Police Department

  • Baltimore, MD, USA

The BPD is the 8th largest municipal police force in the United States, staffed by nearly 3,100 civilian and sworn personnel.The department's jurisdiction covers Maryland's largest city, with a population of 614,000.


The Baltimore Police Department is dedicated to upholding the Constitution and enforcing laws in a fair, impartial, and ethical manner. We commit to creating and maintaining a culture of service that builds trust and legitimacy in all communities, values the sanctity of human life, and provides for the safety and well-being of all.

Core Values

Accountability – We will perform our duties above reproach and with transparency. We will speak up when we witness or are made aware of incidents of error or misconduct. It is our duty to intervene and prevent misconduct from occurring. Individually and collectively we accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.

Community Collaboration – We are committed to community-oriented policing, through which we engage in problem-solving partnerships with community members and organizations to develop proactive solutions and increase community trust in the police.

Diversity and Inclusion – We are committed to recruiting and retaining a quality workforce that reflects and honors the culture, history, and values of the communities we serve. Through active and thoughtful engagement, we demonstrate our acceptance and respect for the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives of others.

Innovation – We embrace technology and innovation. We continually seek more efficient and effective solutions to embrace 21st century policing practices. We remain open to learning from the ideas and contributions of others.

Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and to following the principles of procedural justice. We are fair and honest when making decisions and we honor our commitments to each other and the communities we serve.

Public Safety – We proudly serve with humility and professionalism. We are dedicated to safeguarding the lives and property of residents and visitors while reducing the incidence and fear of crime. We will use our authority with restraint and de-escalate conflict whenever possible.

Safety & Wellness – We encourage and promote the safety of officers and the community by delivering excellence in health, fitness, and wellness management. We are committed to reducing risk and mitigating the impact of direct and secondary trauma.

Service – We proudly serve with humility and professionalism. We share a steadfast commitment to protecting communities and helping to improve the quality of life for all.

Trust and Respect – We see our community, including our officers, as our greatest asset. Every individual is worthy of being treated with dignity and respect. We strive to always be responsive and approachable, and to work toward gaining the trust and willing cooperation from those we serve.

Fallen Officers

Those Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice and Those Who Continue to Serve

Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line for the safety and protection of others. While crime nationwide is at a historic low, that protection comes at a price. For the past decade, an average of 146 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty each year, and more than 20,000 law enforcement officers throughout U.S. history have given their lives in service to their communities.

The Baltimore Police Department has suffered 136 line-of-duty deaths, dating back to 1808.

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Collective Bargaining Agreements

Written, legally enforceable contract, between the City of Baltimore City Police Department and the Fraternal Order of Police, Unit 1 represented by Office of the Labor Commissioner.