Kroger Distribution Center

The selector position is a manual handling, labor-intensive job. A considerable amount of strength and endurance is required of the individual to safely and successfully perform in this position.   The strength and endurance demand is caused by the weight of the products handled and the high rate of frequency at which they are handled. Specifically, the amount of endurance required to perform in this position is equivalent to walking at a moderate pace for the entire shift. The strength requirements are based on the range of heights at which products are handled, and the weight of those products. Products are handled from a height of 5 inches to a maximum of 90 inches. The heavier products, above 45 lbs. (pounds), are located in the handling range of 5 to 45 inches. Where maximum height is defined as the distance from the floor to the bottom of the top case. Once a Selector has picked the products and has stacked them onto their pallet jack he/she must wrap the load in plastic and place it onto the appropriate delivery truck. Occasionally the full pallet loads will be stacked too high to fit onto the truck and the Selector will be required to manually unstuck some product to reduce the height of the load. These products are then manually reloaded onto the top of the full pallet loads in the trailer. In addition to handling products, the Selector must also be able to operate a mechanized pallet jack device, which carries the platform that the products are to be stacked onto. The Selector must be able to understand the slot-sequencing layout of the warehouse, and be able to operate a computer voice recognition picking devise called “Talkman”. Talkman directs you to the slot number where the product is stored within the warehouse and instructs you on the number of products to be selected. It is important for the Selector to understand the pick slot ordering sequence in the warehouse, such that the Selector can locate a product to be selected. Selectors may be required to work in one of a number of departments that range in ambient temperature from –20 to 90 degrees.