Better Data, Better Decisions Over two decades of dedicated service to the pharmaceutical industry has allowed us to become experts in data analytics and decision support for pharmaceutical brands. Today, we play an intricate role in helping pharmaceutical manufacturers execute their strategies. ProMetrics aggregates, integrates, analyzes, and reports data across the specialty brand’s distribution network including Specialty Pharmacies, Specialty Distributors, 3PLs, Hubs, GPOs and more. Our core services include data acquisition strategy, contracting recommendation and execution, as well as data aggregation, integration, analysis and reporting. Using our proprietary applications we develop de-identified patient-journey reports allowing you to improve patient services and outcomes by monitoring channel performance metrics such as Time-To-Therapy, Medication Possession Ratio, and Persistency. ‚ÄčOur experienced team, cutting edge applications, and strong relationships with channel partners allow us to deliver high quality support which, in turn, allows our clients to make informed strategic decisions. Over 140 pharmaceutical companies have trusted us with thousands of projects. We look forward to working with you.