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Our Mission

It is our mission to catapult growth in the solar industry sector and get as many residential home and business owners educated on the importance of renewable energy and the benefits that are available to them. We genuinely care about the environment, education and people. Sun Access Global has found solar energy to be a great intersection to proactively help both parties in positive ways.

The New Jersey mandates tell us that home electric costs are set to rise 10-14% every single year for the next decade actively beginning in 2019. The rate increases passed 2029 have not been released, but with inflation and the state of the economy, we can assume these will continue to rise at the expense of property owners. We know solar is the best protection against these unexpected and often devastating price hikes. Don’t be a victim of paying too much for electric. Protect yourself and your family by securing your no-cost solar plan today.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to help create a sustainable world through educating our customers that Residential Solar is an affordable option for them.