Sollers College

Established in 2007, SollersCollege is an educational institution specializing in life science and computational science. We are dedicated to providing students with the essential knowledge and applied skills they need to meet the demands of the growing healthcare, life science, and data science fields. Our students are able to quickly get up-to-speed with market needs through our combination of relevant, competency-based curriculum, and hands-on experience with case studies, industry tools, and live industry projects.


At Sollers, we take pride in our commitment to the future. The following principles illustrate "the Sollers Way":

1. Focus on the Jobs of the Future: Identify and build capabilities-based training curricula for the Jobs of the Future. The curriculum for each program is designed and built by industry experts in collaboration with business collaborators.

2. Design for Social Mobility: The objective of our programs is job placement. Thus, we strive to build a ladder of opportunity for students helping them with upward mobility and economic success. Skills and capabilities curricula is tied to job needs and updates.

3. Serve Individual Needs: Identify and serve the individual – from remedial/refresher practice to specific training to fill in skills gaps. Deliver the training in ways most convenient for the individual’s needs.

4. Engage the Community: Build a reputation and local presence in the community. Neighborhood campuses combined with on-demand digital offerings bring the classroom to the student. Mall locations are one example; they bring us closer to the community.

5. Replace Tuition with Income-Sharing: Change the traditional paradigm of tuition-based learning to a more inclusive form of payment – income-sharing or business-sponsored tuition.

6. Invest in Job-Creating Partnerships: Partner with cutting-edge businesses in order to facilitate job-placements and experience-building internships.

7. Reinvent Skills Continuously: Because the shelf-life of a job is now under 5 years, we deliver lifetime continuous training and skill-building updates to our graduates. This ensures that talent is constantly refreshing itself to meet workplace challenges.

Located in New Jersey but within easy reach of New York City, the very center of the pharmaceutical industry, SollersCollege is perfectly located, offering students excellent externship and networking opportunities with some of the most accomplished and experienced industry experts in the world.