United Debt Counselors & American Home Protection

  • Plano, TX, USA

United Debt Counselors (UDC) has been providing debt settlement services for over five years. We are located north of Dallas in Plano, Texas. We provide customized solutions for those who enroll in our debt relief program. With over 1,000 field representatives in 17 of the 19 states we service, we are able to meet with consumers face-to-face to review our program and answer any questions consumers may have. If you have high credit card balances, high interest rates and find that you have little to no money left at the end of the month, the UDC program may be just right for you. Reaching out for help is never easy when you’re in debt and you’re unsure where to go for help. We understand the hesitance many of our customers experience when they first call us. Entrusting a company to help you with your debt is a big decision. So that’s why United Debt Counselors’ friendly staff will do whatever we can to be as informative as possible and answer any questions you have. United Debt Counselors continues to pursue active and cooperative relationships with creditors and major lending institutions across the country to get you the solid results you deserve. UDC offers its Debt Relief Program in 18 states nationwide.

AHP- American Home Protect (AHP) is a provider of Home Warranty services. Located in Plano, Texas. We provide home repair solutions for those who purchase a home warranty from us. With technicians in 40 states, with our service, we are able to fix many of the most common & costly covered repairs for a fraction of what you would normally pay out of pocket.

At American Home Protect, we strive to always offer our customers fast and simple solutions, along with excellent service technicians. Customers are looking for value for their money, and we believe we provide outstanding customer satisfaction and protection against the high costs of home and appliance repairs on covered items. If you worry about appliance or major system breakdowns, the AHP Home Warranty may be just right for you.