New York Life

New York Life’s mission is to provide financial security and peace of mind through our insurance, annuity

and investment products and services. By continuing to be a mutual company, we are uniquely aligned

with our customers. By maintaining superior financial strength, we protect their future. By acting with

integrity and humanity, we earn their trust and loyalty. Every decision we make, every action we take

has one overriding purpose: To be here when our customers need us. That is why we call ourselves The

Company You Keep®.

Our promise? To work with you to build a strong financial future.

We have always believed in helping people like you, families like yours, and businesses of all kinds

create, protect, and preserve their financial security. Since 1845, we’ve been doing just that—making

sure our customers are prepared for whatever life has in store and that we will be there to help them

face the future with confidence.

We’re a lot like the clients we serve. Each of us is working hard to meet life’s responsibilities and build

our own futures. Funding retirement? Looking after aging parents? Dealing with the death of a family

member? We’ve been there, and we’ve persevered through the toughest of times. So when we work

with you, we appreciate that we are being trusted with your most important assets: your family and

your business. We take that responsibility seriously. For over 170 years, we’ve kept every promise we’ve

made to our customers. That’s simply a fact.