Since 1969, Genpak has been the industry leader for manufacturing quality food packaging. The company started with one manufacturing facility located in Middletown, NY and has since expanded to 18 facilities throughout the United States and Canada with our corporate headquarters located in beautiful Glens Falls, NY. Our range of food packaging products has multiplied geometrically over the years as we strive to introduce top quality, highly functional products that our customers have come to expect. From foam hinged containers to oven ready bakery trays and everything in between we have got the food packaging solutions to fit most every need. We currently service the retail, food processing, and food service industries with our portfolio of products. Please browse through our site and if you have any questions, just drop us a line and we will get right back to you.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

The old saying "the best of both worlds" applies when considering the size and scope of Genpak. When doing business with us, you will enjoy the service and ability to speak with a live person as you might find with a small size company, while resting in the comfort of knowing we have a combined 2.7 million square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout North America, to produce the absolute best quality food packaging available on the market today. Our manufacturing scope ranges across 10 different rigid packaging substrates along with 6 kinds of flexible packaging materials. Those material options are constantly being improved upon in terms of quality and aggressive environmental stewardship goals. We also continually test and review other materials both traditional and hybrid to keep our customers competitive and at the leading edge of any new developments.

All Genpak manufacturing facilities are audited by reputable third party companies and consistently score superior marks across all categories tested. Our plants also sometimes undergo customer specific audits and again score high marks. In fact our Scottsburg, IN facility achieved a perfect score of 100% by the YUM auditing team which had never before been accomplished by one of their suppliers.

Our facilities also take environmental stewardship very seriously. We always meet and often times exceed state and federal environmental regulations regarding our manufacturing profile. Each facility also undergoes their own, internal environmental stewardship program focusing on aggressive energy savings, recycling and efficiency programs. Many times our own internal stewardship goals are far more reaching than mandated programs.