Am Host, Am/PM Server, Bartender

  • G.58 Cuisine
  • Raleigh, NC, USA
  • May 13, 2019
Full time Customer Service Entry Level Other Restaurant-Food Service

Job Description

Fine Dining Servers in upscale restaurant. Patrons at these places expect a high level of service because of the prices they are paying for the eating experience. Fine Dining Servers work to provide exceptional levels of customer satisfaction.

Hours for Fine Dining Servers vary according to when the establishment is open, and evening and weekend schedules are common. Like any waiter or waitress, Fine Dining Servers should expect to spend a great deal of time on their feet. They also need to be coordinated and sufficiently strong to move seamlessly around the area and carry items without incident.


Fine Dining Server Duties and Responsibilities 

To accomplish their goal of providing diners with an outstanding experience, Fine Dining Servers take on a variety of duties. Based on our analysis of several job postings, these are some of the most common Fine Dining Server duties.

Learning the Menu

Fine Dining Servers must be experts on a restaurant’s offerings. When patrons inquire about food choices, Fine Dining Servers should be able to explain ingredients, preparation techniques and available substitutions. They know about daily specials or seasonal offerings not on the menu and convey information about these additional choices to the dining party. Fine Dining Servers also may offer suggestions to enhance the experience, such as which wine pairs well with a given entrée.

Handling Orders

Fine Dining Servers take food and beverage orders from customers, deliver written requests to the kitchen for preparation, carry items to the table in the proper order, help the bus staff as needed with the removal of finished plates, refill drinks and collect payment when the meal is over.

Providing Customer Service

Whether a food item isn’t up to satisfaction, a guest drops his fork and needs another one or the air conditioning is too cold, Fine Dining Servers rectify the problem.

Following Procedures

Upscale restaurants often have strict guidelines in order to keep operations flowing and service consistent. Fine Dining Servers are aware of these instructions and act accordingly. They also pay close attention to safety measures so that food does not inadvertently become contaminated or someone gets burned by a hot plate.

Training Others

Seasoned Fine Dining Servers often assume the responsibility of getting new hires up to speed.

Minimum experience or requirements: 

 Good Fine Dining Servers embrace their role. They know their appearance, attitude and actions play a large part in creating a pleasant atmosphere. Thus, hiring managers search for candidates with these capabilities:

  • Looking well-groomed and neatly dressed consistently to reflect positively on the employer
  • Paying attention to detail, such as placing orders exactly to customer specifications
  • Listening carefully to determine the desires of patrons and act accordingly
  • Maintaining politeness and positivity, especially when dealing with rude or disgruntled patrons
  • Multitasking in order to serve the needs of various diners at the same time
  • Interacting sufficiently with customers to build goodwill and attend to their needs, but also being sensitive about giving people their space