• City of Pittsburgh
  • 414 Grant Street Room 431 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15219
  • Oct 30, 2019
Full time Government Other Professional Services Skilled Labor

Job Description

Erects, maintains, repairs and/or remodels all types of wood and/or metal structures within or upon City property.

  • Builds, constructs, installs metal studs, drywall and suspended ceilings, repairs and remodels structures and builds cabinets and other objects by cutting, shaping and joining wood, plastic, metal or other structural materials.
  • Repairs and replaces any object made from wood and/or metal such as floors, stairs, doors, furniture, window frames, etc.; builds wooden forms for concrete and/or cement.
  • Erects scaffolds, concession stands, cages, barricades and similar structures as requested or required.
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