Commingle Production Support

  • Data-Mail Inc.
  • Feb 10, 2020
Full time Manufacturing

Job Description

Family owned and operated company since 1971 offering room for growth!

Shift Available: 6am-6pm and 6pm-6am.Rotating schedule!


Under direct supervision assume responsibility for consistently following all of Commingle Safety, Quality and Production Procedures.  



  1. Achieve production standards with expected quality on a daily basis.
  2. Transfer mail and tray tags from trays that are less than ¾ full to the half size trays
  3. Ensure that sleeves are placed securely and properly onto trays.
  4. Ensure that trays are facing forward when placing on the lower conveyor.
  5. Verify that trays are sorting to the correct spur.
  6. Ensure trays are placed on the correct pallet.
  7. Ensure that tray tags are facing outward when placing on pallet.
  8. Ensure that all trays have a tray tag before placing on the pallet.
  9. Ensure that trays are stacked evenly and neatly on the pallet.
  10. Ensure that jams are cleared in a timely manner.
  11. Ensure that all trays have been cleared from conveyor including the reject spur prior to pulling a pallet.
  12. Ensure that all trays without a tray tag have been tagged prior to pulling any pallet.
  13. Place all BMC destinations in the inner locations within a pod.
  14. Place destination placards on the floor in front to each pallet.
  15. Move, wrap, and stage pallets. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – Pre-commingle 
  16. Ensure job belongs in commingle mailing.
  17. Fill out required paperwork.
  18. Place trays on conveyor facing forward.
  19. Verify that mail within the tray matches the CMG # on the tray tag.
  20. Place tray on the correct pallet making sure tray tag is facing out.
  21. Ensure that jams on the conveyor are cleared in a timely manner.
  22. Ensure that trays are stacked evenly and neatly on the pallet.
  23. Verify that full pallets have the correct CMG#, and fill out the required paperwork.
  24.  Move pallet to the staging area.
  25. Ensure pallets are staged correctly.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – General 
  26. Replenish supplies as necessary in order to keep running without interruption.
  27. Properly dispose of damaged material at the end of shift.
  28. Maintain work area clean and organized at all times.
  29. Communicate all issues to team lead, supervisor or manager.
  30. Comply with company rules, regulations and procedures.
  31. Maintain confidentiality of company-sensitive data.
  32. Perform other related duties as required to achieve the goals and objectives of the department and company.
  33. Assist in the training of new employees. EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE 
  • High School Diploma or GED COMPETENCIES 
  • Ability to communicate effectively with peers and management.
  • Ability to follow verbal and written instructions.
  • Be able to stand for long periods of time.
  • Be able to lift up to 50lbs on a regular basis.