Material Handler

  • Data-Mail Inc.
  • Feb 10, 2020
Full time Management

Job Description

Data-Mail in Windsor currently has full-time openings for Material Handler!

Shift Available available: 6am-6pm and 6pm-6am. Rotating schedule!


Responsible for moving materials throughout the plant.


1. Check the schedule and get recap from master recap stand. Read recap thoroughly check job as to accuracy, reporting any error or discrepancy to the production supervisor immediately.

2. Fill out correct documentation, such as, machine sheet, shortage reports, meters.

3. Pull materials to machine, verify the operator has the correct materials and call for the mechanic. If the material is the start of a new job in the bindery department, put one copy of the master recap with the role at the machine.

4. In bindery, periodically check the small job rack for rolls of small jobs or samples to be run in the department, as required. Sign out on log. Advise supervisor that samples are available for setup.

5. Continuously move correct material from the warehouse or staging area to the machines in a timely manner, ensuring machine operators do not run out of material. Advance order material through kanbans system.

6. Move the leftover materials from the machines back to the appropriate warehouse location. A recap must accompany all leftovers. Remove all binding straps from the skid of materials and open boxes when necessary and dispose of properly. Condense all skids with the same material.

7. Maintain production standards.

8. Coordinate label requirements to ensure batches and tiers of sort are run in correct mail date order.

9. Return remaining labels from a job removed from a machine before its completion directly to the label staging. Return all remaining materials to the warehouse. A recap is to accompany both labels and materials.

10. Report any production, quality or safety problems to the production supervisor immediately.

11. Keep work area neat and clean.

12. Assist in the training of new material handlers.

13. Remove all scrap materials from the immediate area and dispose of properly.

14. Comply with company rules, regulations and procedures.

15. Maintain confidentiality of company-sensitive data.

16. Implement a commitment to quality philosophy and recommend methods and procedures to reduce cost and/or improve operating efficiency of the department.

17. Keep manager/supervisor informed of activities and situations that will impact the achievement of corporate or department goals and objectives.

18. Perform other related duties as required to achieve the goals and objectives of the department and company.


• High school diploma or GED

• License for operation of Electric Jack and Raymond Forklift