Care Manager

  • Tri-County Care
  • Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Mar 07, 2019
Full time Admin-Clerical Health Care Other

Job Description

The role of the Care Manager is to provide comprehensive care management, in a person-centered manner to meet the needs of the individual and the OPWDD valued outcomes and the state requirements. Now Hiring in ALL office locations within NYS.


  • Complete a Comprehensive Assessment for each individual that identifies medical, mental health, chemical dependency, developmental disability, and social service need
  • Develop a Life Plan with the individual; include family, collateral, and service providers in fulfillment of the Life Plan; parties should agree with the goals, interventions, and time-frames
  • Conduct face-to-face visits as required
  • Engage the individual in the adherence to treatment recommendations, monitor and evaluate individual’s needs; coordinate all aspects of the individual’s care; develop relationship between the care planning team
  • Review and update the Life Plan with the care planning team; initiate changes in care
  • Ensure timely access to appointments for individuals to medical/behavioral health care services; link individuals with resources
  • Assist the individual to transition between levels of care, or after critical events, such as: hospital, school, rehabilitation facility, etc., follow up in a timely manner post discharge, support individual during crisis events
  • Use Health Information Technology to facilitate collaboration among all providers
  • Communicate and share information with individuals and their family/representative, ensure that the Life Plan reflects the individual’s and their family/representative’s preferences
  • Utilize peer supports, support groups to increase family/representative’s awareness
  • Identify available resources and actively manage referrals, engagement, and follow-up
  • Ensure that the Life Plan includes community-based and other social support services that respond to the individual’s needs and preferences and contribute to achieve the individual’s goals
  • Meet the HIT standards in the delivery of core services and the Life Plan, as described in the manual
  • Maintain written documentation of service delivery and individuals’ information on the Medisked portal while practicing all HIPAA and Privacy regulations
  • Assisting individuals with maintaining benefits (Food Stamps, Medicaid, and SSI)
  • Report any incident of abuse, neglect, or maltreatment immediately



Minimum experience or requirements: No PDF*

Specific Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Advanced ability to effectively communicate in both verbal and written manner
  • Computer software skills
  • Ability to organize, schedule, and utilize time well
  • Capability to analyze situations accurately and take effective action

Required Education, Experience, and Licenses:

  • A Bachelors degree with two years of relevant experience, OR
  • A License as a Registered Nurse with two years or relevant experience, which can include any employment experience and is not limited to case management/service coordination duties, OR
  • A Masters degree with one year of relevant experience
  • MSC Service Coordinators prior to July 1, 2018 are grandfathered to facilitate continuity of care

This position requires travel and can have caseloads in multiple boroughs.