Danna Werner

  • Business or Financial Analyst
  • Portland, OR, United States - area
  • Jan 25, 2018
Full time Finance General Business Other Supply Chain Telecommunications

Personal Summary

Versatile, goal-focused professional providing assistance while overseeing business administration, assessing finances and products, driving big data analysis (BDA), developing analytical reports, determining quality systems requirements, database programming, and establishing crucial audit processes.  Assessing risks and initiating solutions to organizational challenges that optimize operational efficiencies, evaluate quality, strengthen business functions, that align with the corporate directives.

A personable leader with in-depth problem-solving and analytical ability, able to direct, train and inspire teams to deliver phenomenal results while building good relations with engineering, manufacturing, sales personnel, management, customers, and stakeholders.  Dedicated to continuous improvements and profitability, and thrive in fast-paced environments.

Work Experience

Temporary Postions
Jan 2018 - Robert Half - Office Team

Robert Half is a temporary agency, I provide various tempory office work for contracted companies.

Lead Sales Operations Consultant | Financial Analyst

Supported global sales markets and drove various multi-faceted sales operations programs while directing and orchestrating team activities. Formulated and presented senior sales management with extensive analytical reports including short and long-term forecasting. Accountable for three-part sales compensation, sales order value, total billed revenue, and customer premise equipment for global branch generating $250M per annum. Determined yearly sales targets for 23 sales professionals and ensured sales personnel accurately compensated each month.

Key Contributions:

  • Established high-performing and efficient environments and consistently measured individual and team performance levels by producing comprehensive finance data reporting analysis.
  • Strove for continued sustainability of the organization by organizing, identifying, and implementing key reporting elements providing branch executives with details on the current health of the business.
  • Optimized productivity, elevated sales revenues, and strengthened collaborations between operations, sales, marketing, product, compensation, and finance by endorsing innovative solutions and process enhancements.
  • Identified issues and opportunities relating to revenue and compensation by spearheading the development of crucial sales process reports.
  • Enriched skill sets of personnel by initiating branch specific training on how to create vital reports for analysis.
  • Instrumental in ensuring customers were owned by the correct branch and accomplishing Segmentation project within two-month deadline by driving team collaboration and efficiently reviewing each customer’s yearly sales revenue, personnel headcount, and location while transferring incorrect customers to appropriate branch.
Quality Analyst Manager and Systems Support
May 2000 - Aug 2013 Alcatel-Lucent

Performed operations maximizing internal quality procedures, standards, and specifications for internal and external customers, and analyzing reports while tracking hot spots and trends to solve defects. Strove for system security and data integrity, and continually complied with standard operating procedures (SOP) while assessing and accomplishing customer requirements for telecommunications firm engineering and installing communications equipment for large carriers.

Key Contributions:

  • Positioned users across 50 states to deliver quality results by introducing audit database training within a quality engineering environment.
  • Slashed travel expenses while escalating coverage of technology, products, and services of completed orders by developing a web-based Wildcard program generating random orders while devising manuals and training personnel as needed.
  • Heightened operational efficiencies and improved customer satisfaction by performing as SPOC for North American Region and creating crucial internal and external report cards while identifying performance gaps and implementing cutting-edge corrective actions.
  • Decreased cost and waste and drove profitability by assisting with the results of installation scorecards for high profile client base utilizing Lean Six Sigma and Just-In-Time.
  • Amplified results of corporate quality scorecard, minimized defects and swiftly ascertained and reduced chronic installation and engineering problems by co-directing global Best in Class project in North America, Central Latin America and China initiating development of innovative database to capture quality audits, organizing quality meetings for Installation and Engineering, conducting analysis, producing reports, and training personnel.
  • Diminished unnecessary travel costs to rectify defects by adding a pioneering feature to the new database allowing installers to take before and after pictures of the defects making it easier to validate the corrective actions while ensuring compliance with TL9000 criteria.


Bachelor Business Administration, Undergraduate
Oct 2016 - University of Phoenix