Michael Yu

  • Electronic and FPGA engineer
  • Jan 31, 2018
Full time Engineering

Personal Summary

Electrical Engineer


Highly skilled Electronic Engineer with MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Over 18 years  experience with FPGA, digital, RF, analog, embedded system design, simulation, implementation, system integration for Countermeasure, Scoring Radar and flight control system.  Outstanding team player with experience in design/product development from conception to implementation and transition to manufacturing.  Consistently meet performance objectives while focusing on production quality and customer satisfaction.  Excellent hands-on troubleshooter with good communication skills.   



Technical Skills


  • Countermeasure system, RF receiver, Electronic Steering Antennal, Flight control system design, integration and develop acceptance test procedure and test plan documentation. Perform the test.
  • FPGA, CPLD, DSP design, simulation, verification and implementation.
  • Development MATLAB system module to simulation and analysis the system.
  • High speed Analog and Digital, mixed signal circuit and interface design
  • Microprocessor/Microcontroller embedded circuit design.
  • System architecture and specification, Schematic capture and PCB layout.
  • Expertise in using spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, oscilloscope, signal generator, logic analyzer.
  • Software: VHDL, Verilog, Modelsim, Timing designer, DX designer schematic and layout, C /C++, Matlab, LabView, PSpice. VISIO, MS Office.

Work Experience

Electronic Engineer
Mar 2012 - Jan 2018 Navair

Electronic Engineer             


Countermeasure hardware, RF signal receiver, Antenna design and system integration




  • Countermeasure system hardware circuit card design :

Came up a hardware circuit concept, architecture and completed a feasibility study.  This circuit card generating 36 GHz signals.  Hardware development included: components selection, FPGA code development,   C code modification.  Completed an acceptance test procedure and acceptance test record. Designed and build a prototype to approve the concept.  The prototype was tested by using RF Power meter, Spectrum analyzer, network analyzer and scope to verify each function of the circuit card.  Integrated the circuit card into the countermeasure system.

  • Jamming system control box:

Completed Hardware development, included component selection, schematic capture, PCB board layout, test harness development and the prototype was built and tested.      

  • Countermeasure Receiver

Completed Concept development and technology feasibility study.  Hardware development, test and written ATP, ATR. 

  • Active Electronic Steering Phase Array Antenna:  

Concept analysis and components selection.  Designed and built test harness and developed a MATALB application program to automatic collecting test data.  

  • Airborne threat simulation :

Using MATALB software to model, analysis simulated “Airborne threat simulation system”.

Staff Scientist


Video Fusion system integration and hardware FPGA design



  • Accomplished FPGA based joystick controller design for video Fusion system. This FPGA base joystick design includes the VHDL coding, simulation, implementation, system integration and final testing.
  • Video fusion system integration. The integration includes the FPGA code modification, cable harness assembly, enclosure selection and final system test. 
  • Accomplished NTSC-IO module conceptual design. The task includes modules function block diagram development, detail design specification, components selection.




FPGA, DSP design, simulation, implementation, analog and digital circuit design, schematic capture, PCB board layout instruction and verification, system integration, dedicated test fixture design and test procedure development for scoring radar, Laser aiming  and  motor control system.



  • Successfully redesigned laser Aiming/scoring system by using newer components, FPGA/ microprocessor to resolved obsolescence issues and achieved customer satisfaction. The task included FPGA code development, simulation, implementation and schematic capture, PCB board layout verification, final system integration and test.
  • Completed Digital and Analog Motor Control Module designs for Multifunction Utility/Logistics Equipment Vehicle (MULE) environment Control System. The task involved FPGA design and DC-DC, LDO circuit design, schematic capture, layout instruction and verification, dedicated test hardware design, and test procedure development.
  • Redesigned Doppler Filter Module for DSQ-47 scoring radar by using FPGA-based signal processing technology; the new Doppler Filter prototype design combined Doppler Filter function and Pulse Generation function in one FPGA chip. The FPGA function included: A/D, D/A interface, data conversion, low pass filter, interpolation, FM modulation, scaling, and PRF generation. Design involves VHDL coding, simulation and implementation.  The new design results in the reduced size, cost, and resolved obsolescence issue.
  • Added new frequency function to Common Scoring System Equipment. The task includes existing FPGA modification, implementation. The new frequency function accommodated new scoring radar development, production and testing.
  • Provided FPGA solution to Shrink Vector Doppler Scoring System design so that it met customer’s new requirement The task included completed system parameter measurement, analysis and designed a new FPGA architecture.
  • Completed design Phase Shifter module for scoring radar test equipment. The prototype was built and tested.
  • Antenna test equipment set up and Antenna testing.






94 GHz image radar Software, hardware development, Radar system integration and Radar field test.  FPGA design and Simulation, implementation.



  • Accomplished Polarimeter Radar software development and system integration. Completed Polarimeter Radar system software by using The software function includes data collection, signal processing, results display.  It meets design requirement, gained the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Designed and implemented FPGA-based VGA display system for Image Radar. The task included: FPGA SOPC system with NiosII embedded processor design, memory interface, C programming for NisoII Microprocessor.
  • Integrated and tested a FPGA-Based Millimeter Wave Image Radar.
  • Completed motion control software for Suicide Bomb Detection Radar.
  • Completed ESA Antenna VHDL code analysis and test bench coding.


Electrical Engineer
Dec 2000 - May 2018 BAE SYSTEMS



Developed electronics for Flight control system. It included: VHDL code verification, FPGA design simulation, implementation, components selection, schematic and layout verification, hardware trouble shooting and test, system integration, test procedure development.




IDF Flight Control System: Completed control logic and watchdog timer logic VHDL coding verification, code coverage analysis using TransEDA software to meet DO-254 requirement. Completed analog/digital signal circuit board design verification, test procedure development and board testing.

F-22 Flight Control Systems:  Completed ADIO, LDIM circuit board interface circuit design calculation, and design verification.

Vital Flight Control Computer Systems: Completed ADIO card design verification and hardware testing.

RAH- 66 Flight Control Computer: Completed ADIO card control logic VHDL coding, simulation, and code coverage analysis to meet DO-254 requirement.  PCB board design verification, digital circuit test procedure development, and board testing.

RAH-66 Flight Control Systems integration: Wrote GUI software for RAH-66 system integration. Performed   system integration and test.

KTX-2 Active Flight Control System: System Integration, verification and testing.


Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Emphasis: Digital signal processing, Microwave, RF and communication systems
Jan 2018 - Mar 2018 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jun 1997 - Jan 2000 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona